Invention driven by necessity!

Our current team was born from a vision shown in a You Tube video in 2011 titled PumpFiction.  The simple idea was to increase natural gas use by replacing the aging USPS fleet of vehicles with Compressed Natural Gas vehicles and jump start the domestic conversion to natural gas vehicles.  The MERVAN Project was established in 2013 to accomplish that task.  In order to reach its goal, MERVAN had to create a viable mail transport solution that utilized natural gas, encouraged commercial expansion of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fill infrastructure and energized the U.S. auto industry to build Natural Gas Vehicles for American Consumers.


Through our efforts with Ford Motor Company, Local Natural Gas Providers and Westport we collaborated to respond to an RFP issued by the USPS that contained a provision for a limited number of CNG vehicles.  In preparing that response we identified a deficiency in current fast fill station technology and learned that earlier efforts to convert the USPS to CNG failed, largely due to the lack of fill infrastructure.  Infrastructure growth was negatively affected by a variety of issues that largely included an inadequate supply of natural gas.  Our team resolved this issue by designing a unique storage system that maximizes the efficiency of existing natural gas supply.  This design will allow vehicles to be filled from on-site storage rather than compressing directly from Natural Gas that may be available at the line.  A patent application for this unique design has been made and is now pending approval.