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The MERVAN Project was established in 2013 to build a viable mail transport solution that leverages natural gas, encourages commercial expansion of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fill infrastructure and energizes the U.S. auto industry to build Natural Gas Vehicles for American Consumers.  Through our efforts with Ford Motor Company, Local Natural Gas Providers and Westport we validated the importance of simultaneously developing a local consumer base through CNG vehicle sales and fill station infrastructure.  We also identified a gap in current fast fill station technology.   This gap drove us to design a patent pending Natural Gas Fast Fill Fueling Station that is capable of operations in areas of constrained natural gas supply.


Our near term goal is to build 25 Compressed Natural Gas fueling stations capable of operating in constrained fuel areas in 5 major cities over the next 2 years through partnerships with C-Stores in urban and suburban areas utilizing local fleets as an anchor fleet thus enabling families to leverage the use of low cost, clean burning, renewable compressed natural gas.


Our overarching objective is to position The MERVAN Project to best participate in the growth of domestic Compressed Natural Gas sales. We will partner with local fleets and municipalities to expand the use of CNG while partnering with Ford, GM and Chrysler to provide CNG vehicles to local dealerships as infrastructure expands.  Finally, we must build and prove our Constrained Fuel Area CNG station design.



Ron Mercer - Principal


Ron created this plan from his vision for the USPS implementation of Natural Gas Vehicles combined with Compressed Natural Gas fast fill stations at Post Offices.  He has worked closely with industry leaders to focus them on the path to Natural Gas Vehicle success.  Ron understands what drives American consumers: cost and availability.

John Vance - Principal


John has served on numerous advisory boards for U.S. automakers.  He recently facilitated the purchase and delivery of over 250 bi-fuel light duty trucks to the state of Oklahoma.  His relationship with U.S. automakers will enable our team to successfully negotiate the right contract for the USPS and America.

Scott Rayburn - Principal


Scott has practiced law for 35 years and currently is a principal in a private-equity funded energy company. ‚Äč In addition, he is an instructor of entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma. Scott's experience in capital formation, structuring complex transactions and business acumen will provide valuable insight.

Dave Evans - Project Director


Dave comes to the project after 22 years of military service.  He is a decorated combat pilot and proven commander.  Dave brings his executive leadership experience and passion for energy independence to the project.  As Walt Disney says, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

Burn Clean...Save Green

The MERVAN Project is about energy independence, its about saving families money, but more importantly it is about driving a comprehensive energy policy that creates jobs in America, secures our future and drives companies to expand CNG fill station infrastructure.