The MERVAN Project answers the questions:  "OK, I want to drive a Natural Gas Vehicle, but how do I buy one and where do I fill it up?"  It advances the concept of utilizing the United States Postal Service to provide the solution.   When implemented, it saves the United States Postal Service hundreds of millions of dollars each year in transportation costs and enables them to continue delivering the mail. It also creates a nationwide system of Compressed Natural Gas fill stations enabling the general public to cash in on inexpensive, clean transportation fuel.


Ultimately this project will answer the question, "How do I get one?" Through the development of over 140,000 dedicated natural gas vehicles, U.S. auto manufacturers will be able to provide CNG dedicated vehicles that  consumers want to drive at a comparable cost to current gas power automobiles.  At the same time our project will encourage capital investment for CNG pumps at your local gas station.


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